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I am a fiber artist born and raised in Los Angeles. For as long as I can remember I have been a maker: of clothing, patterns, art, dyes and now textiles. From the moment I came across contemporary interpretations of fiber arts I was hooked on the loom. 

I am a lover of color and am a self proclaimed anti-minimalist. I find inspiration in the fibers themselves and seek ways to weave them in combinations that showcase their unique identity. I seek out natural fibers as well as deadstock yarns most of what I create cannot be recreated.

I want the wearers, or displayers, of my weavings to feel they aren't afraid to take up space and be seen. When one of my works resonates with someone else its a proud moment for me of two people connecting without words. Two people feeling they are cut from the same cloth... that I happened to make.

Let me make you something you'll love for a lifetime.

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