I taught myself how to sew when I was 12 because skinny jeans had yet to reach Hot Topic. Pretty sure my dad felt bad for me that I had to take them in painstakingly by hand so he got me a sewing machine that I still use today. I knew early on that the intricacies of creating looks, whether it be for film, friends, or photo shoots, is where my creativity lies and a challenge is always welcome. I pride myself on being versatile, able to convey the essence of many personalities and create different styles. 

When I'm not shopping/sewing/bedazzling I'm probably making phony travel plans to far off locations while sleeping in with my mini pit Lola. Full disclosure she likes to come to fittings. 

I'm a member of Local 705 and repped by Artistry.

🌴 chanelgibbons@gmail.com 🌴